Happy New Year….


… alright! We went to Texas de Brazil and enjoyed it tremendously; the best time I had in years because it was simple and not over the top, then again times have changed. The food was terrific (I brook my own rule and ate meat after 6 years) and so were the drinks; music not so much since I am not too keen of techno music but danced the night away nonetheless. The bill, our part, came to $104.00 services included and in the end, we were handed over a souvenir to rein in the New Year.  An “important” person did us a favor and charged an additional $600.00 plus to our account – we used our credit card; go figure, it wasn’t my doing. Who’s Fault Is it, Anyway?  Rest assured that the restaurant management and the credit card company are investigating the unauthorized exercise of our plastic “with a lot weight” thing. Last we checked, which was two days ago, they were still investigating. What a way to bring in a New Year!


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