Bristol and Levi Break up: Who Didn’t See it Coming?


That these two hastily stitched kids were never heading to lala land of marital bliss.

The plastic relationship was taped in an instance for the sake of an outer facade and to put down the lid of a train wreck that was trampling the variety show.

Only the inanes driving the orchestra believed the union to be made in heaven but the curious cases of misanthropists thought otherwise. The party planners just could not come to accept and admit that they violated the purity ring. Do as I do; don’t do what I say; hoops, my bad! Do what I say, don’t do what I do?? They are human after all and prune to mistakes.

They hurried that sucker down our throat and expected us to swallow the pill even without water. They shoved the poor guy – awoken from a drunken sleep – in a plane, cleaned him up, bought the dude a suit, paraded him on TV like merchandise on QVC and stamped him with the fiancé logo; so he bought. So he thought he was in heaven never imaging he was God the Savior… oh well!

Today, Bristol Palin, 18 who not too long ago paraded her picture perfect lovely family and paraded its good graces for the world to see on the Greta Van Susteren’s on FoxNews channel, and the father of her baby, former fiancé Levi Johnston, 19, have announced they have split. It is mutual! Ok, yeah, I am glad it was not due to irreconcilable differences. Who ever said that wrestling is faked, if the players could only talk!


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