The DDD’s of the AIG Fiasco!

Weasels as David Letterman often refers to those, well, weasels, persons he considers malicious, devious and hooligans. What ever else to call the AIG executives? What ever else to call people with no souls?

How greedy can one be not to realize that their unintelligent action would spit hot effervescent reaction, cause an outrage? I mean, I finally got it after the Fed Chair Ben Bernanke interview on “60 minutes” last Sunday that you are too big to let crash. Conclusion, you needed to be saved; I kind understood that much until this.

Apparently, you not only subsidize national but also worldwide companies. Just as we would feel the pinch so would other countries; well, they are already feeling but it would have been more exciting. Imagine the trickled down effect, perhaps, shutting down the critics?!

Now that it was determined that they, being the government, would not let you go down under, the issue then became about where to obtain the needed cash to keep you afloat until you find your bearings – sound a tad dysfunctional to me. It is not like money was lying around somewhere and you could just borrow from. It is not like they could push your trash aside; it is not like they could just award you to another company. Most of the companies are in the same predicament as you,perhaps, even worse so there was no chance of that.

So here comes the almighty government that by all accounts should not be salvaging your asses, or anyone else for that matter, with taxpayers money, concatenated a plan – they have been taking heat and spanking from every side over the decision – to bail you out (many people have expressed dismay and regrets). And how do you repay them, us by quietly slipping the money into your own pockets. Holly smokes, that’s stealing! We are not talking about thousands here folks but millions. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven zeros, plus whatever comes with it.

What, you did not think we would find out! You decided to pay you first and did not think we would have this kind of response?  How dare you? Really, how dare you? Did you really think people would just sit still and not be outraged and resentful by it?  The hell with everyone else right?! The hell with the rescue, the hell with wrecking the company, the hell with rewarding yourselves for your own failures; the hell with everyone else who is just trying to make hands meet; the hell with those who are just trying to make a little extra cash.

Did you really believe the taxpayers, some who have lost their jobs and are suffering, and being affected by the crises would comprehend your little indiscretion? If you thought so then, I don’t really know what you have been smoking. If you did not think so then you are as stupid as the government for having rescued you but they had no choice; they were thinking about applying patches to an open wound; they were trying to stabilize the damage you incurred.


Where is your sense of decency, of tact?

C’mon, you went out of a limb to ask the government for money to rescue your behind from the dumper and what do you do? You swindled us, ripped us off by giving yourselves bonus, how cheese! You sound just like Ruth Madoff who believes she has just as any right to keep “her” money, as the “injured” investors happened to be defrauded of theirs. Really? Do you really have any rights to that money Mrs. Madoff?

My answer to this is, just as Ruth’s face is everywhere someone should also plaster yours, AIG executives. Taxing you is also good but I would give you ten days to voluntarily return the money, signed contract or not. Take it as your civic duty. Imagine, you could even come out a hero; otherwise, your pictures will be released.


What a shame; how dishonest, disgusting and disconcerting!


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