My Gyno Is Going Ghetto …

enerdrinOr it is signs of the time.

Is recession also affecting the health care industry? I thought they were immune from it all. Last I heard, there were no nurses or doctors being layoff; so, why is my gyno displaying some design bottles on top of his office counter?

The three bottles were sitting on the left corner displaying like one of a kind seventy-two dollars Pinot Noir bottle.

It reminded me of the beauty salon I go to. You not only can buy hair products but hearings, handbags, dresses, belts, comforters, key chains, air spray, toys, homemade cakes, video games, bootlegged CD’s and videos (some movies still in the theater) man, I got tired of saying it, you name it, they have it. No need to leave your seat or the drier, just have your wallet ready. They come hammering. The door just opens up and one by one they come strolling with their arms or boxes adorned with merchandise. It is one amazing scenario to watch. Everyone is trying to make a buck and why not? Diversification!


So, it was to my amazement that I visited my doctor’s office, who happened to be Jew and caught a glimpse of none other than three bottles of “Mona Vie”. Yes, Mona Vie. I am still trying to figure out who Mona is.

I could not help but ask one of the nurses about Mona.

I thought Mona was of alcoholic nature because it resembles a wine bottle but to my amusement, it turned out to be energy drink. Hooray, energy drink! But holly frijole, can someone please tell me why is my gyno an independent distributor of an energy drink? It is not like you need energy while laying down in that exam table or do you? Hum, kinda of think of it… never mind!

I did not get an answer because I simply did not ask and it is not to me to know. Simply put it, none of my business. But since Mr Curious who forgot that being curious killed the cat, was lurking like a coyote, I visited the website and learned that the drink is a blend of fruits from Amazon and falls in the realm of Acai. Hum Acai, energy… What ever happened to Guarana?!

I still did not get the answer my question, why my corvette driving Jew doctor with that many years of experience was doing selling energy drink.


5 thoughts on “My Gyno Is Going Ghetto …

  1. Seems interesting. Poor brasilians, the ones that collect acai, living in poverty while others are making all the money. Scam

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