Are They Losing Their Minds or…

Do they learn it from the teabagers and all is good? Whatever it is, what a week it was. Incivility to the max, where is the respect?

Just when we were about done with Joe Wilson’s saga, there came Michael Jordan who dissed lots of people while giving his speech to Hall of Fame crowd (it made the news just briefly), and then Serena Williams’s meltdown (c’mon give the girl a break. She was wrong, completely wrong, behind wrong but so was the lineswoman. But nothing licensed her to act foolishly; she should have controlled her emotions. She has been penalized ten thousand dollars but they are talking about making an example out of her by banning her from competing in future grand slams. Somehow John McEnroe must be telling her, you should have left that to me), and then there was another knucklehead, misbehaving.

C’mon Kanye, time to hang the scrubs. It is one thing to act like a fool and another to be a fool, and you were one on Sunday night at MTV VMAs awards, a fool.  I don’t believe you were searching for attention, not this time, as you let your striking girlfriend, no not Amber Rose – what a beautiful name but the bottle, Mrs. Hennessey do the talking; can it be? It was not your usual tirade but because there were so many, no one is willing to give you a pass this time my friend. They are hanging you by a rope for disrupting a popular upcoming country singer star, she is currently the biggest selling artist in America, on her big moment. She was getting her first moon man, how dare you?!


It is expected of the VMAs; let’s face it. There hasn’t been a MTV award that has not translated into some sort of controversy. The show and its characters always gave us something to talk about; either the host makes some sort of political remark (Russell Brand pointing to the fact that health care in his country, England, is free for everyone) or spews some sort of offending remarks towards an audience member (as Russell did to the Jonas Brothers and their promise rings last year) or memorable goofy instances like (Madonna and Britney kissing and the King of Pop kissing his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley). It is a given, nor questions asked.

We were supposed to be talking about Janet Jackson’s performance, her dance moves with Michael; or the upcoming Michael Jackson This is it concert or the double take (who wore it best) between Pink and Shakira. In case you haven’t heard, they both walked the red carpet within minutes of each other wearing the same dress (oh my God, what a sin); instead, we are talking about the victimization of Taylor Swift by Kanye West who jumped and crashed her big moment, and the sanctification of the almighty class act Beyonce. Amen to her?! I guess her parents raised her right. Just a small footnote, I am afraid and my apologies here but Kanye was right to a point. Beyonce’s video was much better than Taylor’s and she should not have won but it was not Kanye’s job to make mends. No one cared, he should not have pulled the mike from her and should have been the thirty-two years old man that he is. He is sincerely ashamed.

In all three cases, they let their emotions get the best of them; they lost their minds but what strikes me the most, is that they did not wait until tomorrow; they turned the clock instantly and apologized; they felt sorry, some more and more than others (paging Mr. Wilson who has yet and refuse to apologize to the members of Congress) but in the age of tubes, it is always going to be there forever and ever. Lessons learned from these embarrassing moments, I surely hope so. I mean really, what happened to civility?


One thought on “Are They Losing Their Minds or…

  1. I wont say anything harsh about them. How many times have I popped off and blabbed out something I regretted immediately? Open mouth, insert foot! Oh yeah! too much booze, too much adrenalin, too much — too much, too much. A much of a muchness. Oh, my!

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