It Is Official: Homicide


The results are in and MJ’s death has been ruled out as homicide. Wondering if anyone will be made accountable for his death. Perhaps as the California Attorney General Jerry Brown is launching an independent investigation into his death.  Smoke all the cigars you want as someone will be packing his/her bags soon. Or maybe not!




What is going? It has been one crazy summer. A girl takes a break to come back to this. Spooky! Too many famous people departing this earth. Another lost life due to apparent drug overdose. What a chocker! Perhaps, he could not handle the stress/depression related to his tragic plane accident? I am however, a firm believer in destiny: just as we arrived, just as we will leave this earth. It is karma, it is predestine. We have no control over it. It is how will go which is more complex.