Beautiful Simple Herbs


Photo by Joao Melo Serreno

It was a beautiful springy day without the spring. It was actually winter but being in the south, the breeze made it perfect. The salad was prepared with an array of crispy beautiful simple herbs with greens, long stems, cilantro leaves, lettuce, pepper, tossed watercress, onion, peeled diced cucumber, orange segments, grinded halts of palm and juicy sliced tomatoes dribbled with olive oil. 


Happy New Year 2016

Happy new

Woke up on the first of January counting my blessings, grateful, thanking the Almighty for one more day, month, hour, minute, seconds and yes, year.

2015 had its rough patches, too many to name, negatives and positives, high and low, met new people, made new friends, challenges of earthquake and tornado proportions but came to the realization that I could not control it, I had no part in it, it was all besides me that it was all His Will and not mine.  Once I came to that realization that I was just riding a long, a passenger on an over the top fancy bus, I surrounded and learned to let go of my will and let be driven. 

The conductor is clever.

I am here, I am alive, I am breathing, I exist and yes, I am cute. Sorry, could not help it. It is part of my DNA to be funny and sarcastic. 

I have my family, friends and angels who I am eternally grateful for, as I keep them tucked in a special corner of my heart. It is what it is and anything else is academic, a bowl of potato soup and sorry to say, just a space on my many sentences.

I foresee 2016 in a different prism, a breakthrough year, at least I am striving for it, hopeful, exciting,  with its inherited challenges. I hope to see you riding along with me through the many hills and vales, roads and highways, curves and waves as I trot the breathing room, tacitly turning the pages of an old book. A new chapter will be written with a mile long subjects and new protagonists in the midst.

To all, an Happy New Year. Wishing you much love, success and prosperity in the roller coaster of 366 days ahead. Stay true to yourself. Yes, it is a leap year, so you will have one more day to content with, be merry.  May God Bless you.

Yes, I am back!

Happy Birthday Mandela!


“Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.”_Nelson Mandela 

It is a fact, most of us lack humanity, compassion and humility. The need to be all about me and not see behind the realm of the spectrum, the pointing of the fingers and an eye for an eye, the need for revenge is undeniably the prevalence theme that most of us subscribe to. It is a fact, we are humans after all. 

Today we celebrated Mandela Day. We should at least for a day, attempt to leave our quarrels, resentment, pettiness, hate, discords behind. We should use the day to do something great, meaningful, honorable such as volunteer work, help someone, read a book, use the day for common ground and understanding, strive for better.

Yes, it takes a few good Coronas to be Mandela and you will never be one, there is only one but you can take upon yourself to assimilate, emulate, pretend for a day. It will not cost you a penny nor will it impede you from being you but it will do your soul good. You will find it refreshing, exhilarating and contagious, inspiring. So, go ahead, give it your best shot, try!

Happy Mandela International Day!