Dr Pepper Anyone?


Surprise, it is a birthday cake by Ms Jenny, the creator of Le Petit Pie. As the story goes, it was her friend’s birthday party and she decided to surprise her with a cake. It was sooooo beautifully done, it was her first time ever, that the waitress at the restaurant chided them for having brought the bottle in and asked it to be put away, until it was cut open. If you would like to see more of her work or would like to contact her regarding her pies, they are delicious, trust me, hop on to Facebook: LePetitPie.

Have Your Rainbow Today


I love fruits. I live for fruits. I die for fruits. I am addicted to them. Fruits are me and I am them. They speak to me and I to them. We sing lullabies. We talk. We tell stories. They know my name. I believe I was born with a rainbow on my stomach. It is Hump Day. Eat a fruit today, everyday. Make your rainbow. It will do your mind, body and soul good. You will fly like butterfly. Happy Wednesday!

Lacking energy today? You don’t need coffee. Be your energizer bunny. Get your juices going. Feel good. See what plant based energy foods can do for you. 

My Thanksgiving Note

Woke up this morning feeling blessed, grateful. Thankful for the Almighty, His grace, love and guidance, for straying me into His kingdom; my beautiful family for the abundant love and support, I am alive and smiling; my friends, what can say, you are a bunch and I am delighted to have you in my life, would not trade you or pick you in a line up in a million years. You are forever in my heart. For the earth, thank you for letting me breathe, yes thank you! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a gorgeous and blessed day!  — On Thanksgiving Day


IMG_6364Cutting celery for the stuffing



IMG_6371Another leave for the stuffing

IMG_6398The sauce

IMG_6384Seasoning the bird


IMG_6392Bird on the oven

IMG_6444Green beans

IMG_6445The Sauce

IMG_6461The bread

IMG_6459Sweet potato




IMG_6427Glased ham

IMG_6498Mash potato





IMG_6428Pie #1

IMG_6429Pie #2

IMG_6518Pie #3

20141127_172711Mr & Mrs Thanksgiving

20141127_172648A meal with love. Happy Thanksgiving!