angela1Hello, I am Angela Aguiar. Artist. Designer. Stylist. Author. Blogger.

Ludlum Drive is whatever roars me. It was created as an answer to a series of email pieces, I called “My Take”. They were mostly commentaries on subject’s de jour with a little spice added to the midst, but after barraging the folks in my distribution list with so much material, some suggested I create a blog.

I live to write and there is not a day that I am not inscribing a word on a blank canvas may it be an envelope, a napkin, or on whatever takes in ink. Though, I have now graduated to a notebook, I am notorious to carrying paper and pen at all times so to register the spiting thoughts that constantly jazz up my brain.

The writing madness begun years ago as I recall penning “tons” of letters to friends before the Internet became a tool. I have written manuals and documentations, and a poetry book, Raining in May, with reprints appearing in Essence Magazine.

I am a self-taught designer, painter and occasional photographer. I love to create whatever I lay my hands on. I create and design my own fabrics, and then turn them into unique pieces of art such as handbags, tapestry and pillowcases, hence the motto, No One Piece Is The Same. I have also illustrated grade school books, poetry book covers, murals, participated in various arts competitions and lately, styrofoam cups. As stylist and production assistant, I worked on projects for Kids Headquarters, Eloquii, Zumba, Soma, White House Black Market, Under Armour and Walmart. In the meantime, I am an IT QA Analyst by trade and have worked in various Fortune 500 Companies.

This blog is my sounding board, an archival site where I wee-wee my most inner thoughts about life and my neighborhood with occasional infusion of politics. You are invited to comment, even if you disagree with me but I request that you please abstain from making inappropriate comments, as they are not beneficial to anyone.

My other blog: ampablue.blogspot.com



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