Sunday Brunch

One thing I understand about life, it can change, transform, end in an instance; like here today and gone, done, left tomorrow, hang on a chandelier, under a bus, a foot of a moving train, fly the distance like the Arctic Tern, landing on a tarmac of a runway plane kinda like it. Sometimes of our own accord, others by the graces of the Almighty and often times to no fault of our own. Things just happen and often as in many cases, we are not the drivers or on the seat, have no control of the vehicle but left to lean on the passenger seat and observe the mechanics unfolding in dismay.

Understand however, the destination has already been written, pre ordained, inscribed on the carousel of notebooks, the thrill of pandemic ecstacy, tearjerker of authentic recipes to live by. So, no point on locking horns but let be, sit on a corner, eat an avocado soup for the ages to cure and cool our worrisome souls.

It is life after all and it is left to us, individuals, to know how to navigate it, without pride, prejudice or arrogance, while maintaining perspective of what mattered, character, values and morals, who we are and/but be the best version of ourselves.

Friday’s Motivation

No matter how long the darkness is or takes, the ride, it always has a deadline. It will pass. All will end one day but how long the journey is or the curvature it will take, is the question that only the Man Upstairs can answer and has because no matter how long the darkness lasts and the thunder roars, joy will always be close by blessing us with its aura, smile and all its glitter, the bright light we so desperate crave, first thing at the dawn. Patience is much required, however and faith is not for the faint of heart. It is one that will test us to the core, requiring much exercise of our fragility and handling of unwanted temptations but sit still and know that tomorrow is always a highway to heaven; I mean, your peace. A great, blessed and groovy weekend to you. Stay safe. Stay well. Stay humble. Love. Joy. Peace. Always. Cheers!

Hello September!

And suddenly, it is a race and we are left to ask where has time gone?! Just like that it is almost yesterday with its many stories to tell and write, and yet to be written. 2020 in a nutshell, unscripted, with some explaining to do. Life is to be lived. Live it the best way you can and desire but live it as it is being served to you.

May you be blessed. May you dance. May you scream. May you run. May you shout. May you drive. May you read. May you love. May you travel. May you embrace. May you laugh. May you fight with joy. May you be extraordinary. May you jump. May you paint. May you fly. May you ride the wagon still with gusto as tomorrow shall tell a story and is brighter as the clear day sky. May you have faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. _Hebrews 11:1 Be a gardener of your own garden. Cheers!

Labor Day 6
Halloween 60
Election 63
Hanukkah      100
Christmas 115
New Year 122