Pour Le Voyage

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Past is yesterday. It cannot be recreated or reenacted nor ever brought back. If it were possible, many would be nurturing present, begging it to hurry back, stay in and make bed. Turned the page in your book. Stay in the now!

©️ Angela Aguiar



Dream Then!

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We are made to dream, to think like paper kites, to fly.
We are made to dance, swim and play ball, to sing a new song.
We are made to be children of the world, butterfly of tomorrow to run through the mirror and the forest, unannounced,
gaze at the horizons, a clip of our imagination.
We are made to dream.
A dream, any dream, that dream in the corner of the tree, in the swing set on a backyard, in the playground of the paper mill.
A dream is inexpensive. It is colorless. It has no boundaries or covers
but it speaks,
it leaves marks and unaccounted stains
endless driveways.
It is gratis.
Dream then!

©️ Angela Aguiar