Earth Day 2020

It is Earth Day. Celebrating 50 Years wherever you are. We have seen her coming to her own again, come alive as she has been let be, to breathe again in the past two and half months, giving us hope that not all is lost, we can still do it, save her. Explore earth, its history, science, environment; let’s treat her kindly. 🌏🙏🏽❤



Love Is In The Air


And now, I pronounce you, husband and wife. I hope she said yes and they will live forever ever after like Cinderella in a beautiful castle. Oh heck no, been around this joint for a while now to know it is work in progress. You give some, you take some, unhurriedly, like a poker game exchange program. Don’t know who they are but wish them mucho happiness in the world. Things you see while on the beach.