Happy 4th of July

When I go home, they say I sound and act like an American and when in America, it is the accent thing; yes, I do have one. Yup, today we celebrate the independence day. Happy Fourth of July folks. May God bless this land where I am free to speak my bic over the megaphone and as loud anyone can hear me but just not sure how many 🤭😁. It is great to note however, this is still not possible in many corners of the world and for that, I am eternally grateful!✌🙏❤🇺🇸 #happy4th

Love Is In The Air


And now, I pronounce you, husband and wife. I hope she said yes and they will live forever ever after like Cinderella in a beautiful castle. Oh heck no, been around this joint for a while now to know it is work in progress. You give some, you take some, unhurriedly, like a poker game exchange program. Don’t know who they are but wish them mucho happiness in the world. Things you see while on the beach.