So Long Anthony

When we think we have it all, we don’t. There is no such a thing as perfect. It is all convoluted, it makes the perfect story but not a complete one. All is what life’s circumstances takes us. All is our live’s worth and not the imagine on that mirror. All is when we wake up and go to bed thanking the Lord for the air we breathe and that one more day. We are not perfect beings, pretending is a fallacy. We all have daemons, it comes in different shapes and forms. They lurk around at moments notice ranging fiercely as the storm next door. Some are able to escape through unscathed but others are at the mercy of the elements. Live life everyday people as if it was your last. Say your Amens. Be grateful for your existance! Prayers are needed, another creative genius gone too soon. RIP free spirit and adventurer. Wow, what am going to watch now? I was addicted to that show!

RIP Robin Williams

Robin Williams

I am in shock. I am lost for words. I am disappointed. You were one of kind, funny, brilliant, talented and humanitarian, great actor and comedian, an artist but you were also human. Suicide suspected, why? You were smarter then that but often, there are forces greater and more powerful then we are and overcoming them is a bottle in itself. May you rest in peace Robin Williams. I will always remember you because you made me laugh. You brought me joy in your movies, comedy sketches, Comic Relief marathon, who can forget those?! You made me forget my sorrows just by looking at your face but it was that very same face that wasn’t telling us the truth. Now, you are with the angels and at peace. RIP