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Paddington Station, London

Intense feeling traveling down the road
dragging the body side to side
zigzagging to the end of the shop on hands and knees.
It stencil shadows on the ground
ushering pain and torture until it decapitates
one wallet and soul at a time
leaving a crime scene photo of generous nightmares
engrained into helping
not legislating the heart
out of place
ostracized by
the creepy-crawly that holds self.

©Angela Aguiar

Hello Back!

So, I have been a way, cruising the earth and savoring delicious goodies. In the meantime, my journeys have taken me to… and hope to share more later!

IMG_4895I said hello to the Queeny and believe me, she replied back… on my dreams!

20130714_183004Geneva was always herself

IMG_6205Bern said pick me, pick me but it did not ring any smile, so we just drove by!

IMG_5458Zurich said Hallo up the mountain. They speak German over there, did you know that?

IMG_5986Stopped by a little town, Baden for a few zzz’s. Loved, loved, loved it!

20141003_142831I am an artist, so Basel was calling my name. Art Basel anyone?

20130910_141457The monuments in Portugal also said Alo and I said, obrigada!

Paragliding Over Saleve Mountain


I bumped into something out of the realm of things I normally do for enjoyment and decided to go for it. Painting, crafts, anything creative is more in line with my taste but since I am all about learning, experiencing, I went for it.


On our way to the mountain, I noticed that some of the passengers were carrying huge backpacks until it became apparent to me who they were, parapenters, human-carrying aircraft or paragliders as they are also called, on their way to jump off the mountain, some for the very first time. Pardon me but I smell fear. They don’t use engines but can fly for long periods of time and the loads on their backs, equipments. So, I followed them out of curiosity. I saw them a couple of times over the mountain while driving but had to see them in action and I am glad I did because I got my money’s worth. Oh yeah adrenaline on high and flying they did. Who needs an airplane?


Setting up the equipment





And up they go, oh wait… down?! Safe travels…


There is something mystical about floating up in the air… wait a minute, better don’t get carried away. I take the plane and that’s as far as I go.



Yes, she is more courageous the I am.




And here comes the rookie…