The New Bridge


We all may have done things in the past that may prove to be embarrassing today, with some trying to mask or escape from the stain that disturbs us. But before fleeing or attempting to erase the yesterdays from ourselves, we should all embrace it and not cave in to the outrem. Learn from it. Grow. Redefine ourselves. Redesign tomorrow. Tap into the new, procure a principle, embody a new vocabulary. Integrate a new sweater into the daily wardrobe. Begin to live a better everyday. Be present by not repeating the same old story. Roll on the red carpet and walk on it. Cross that bridge!

Smile Right Back


It was another beautiful day in mind and spirit, and it was smiling at you. Hope you smiled right back. Yes, the desert may be arduous to cross sometimes, the mountain steep leaving you to feel that your life is insignificant but it is often promising as there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Keep going. Keep marching. Don’t look back. Open the door and smile at it and its purpose. Climb up the stairs of the restaurant. Celebrate its perfectly lined up menu and embrace it. Be grateful. Stay still. Move that mountain. Rejoice. Tomorrow is always another day but often beautiful. Don’t let the curtain go down on you. Smile right back at it.

Photo: Ouro River that runs through Porto and Vila Nova da Gaia, Portugal