Life in an Instance

I got a txt the other day from a family member, five thousand miles away, asking me to help a friend to find a moving-in ready apartment for approximately a month. The lady had been visiting my heck of the wood on a two weeks vacation, with her two sons, mind you the visit was on the sick kid bucket list, when she got a blow no mother expects to receive on the first day she set foot on a foreigner land for the very first time.

One of her kids began convulsing, non-stop, convulsing and convulsing. As a medical doctor herself and understanding the dainty situation, she run to the hospital in the vicinity, which coincidentally is one of the best in the country, and he has been there ever since. That was five days ago. Tests and more tests have yet to reveal anything conclusive but since we are never in control of any ship, the Almighty is, we can only pray and hope, this is just a funny way of welcoming this family to America and nothing sinister. Lord only knows why He brought them here in the first placeSo, let’s us hope, have faith that we will a have more beautiful and blessed ending to this story.


Earth Day 2015

The earth is not only a planet, it is our home, our place of being, our living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet or whatever you want her to be in your everyday space.
She weeps. She bleeds. Love her. Care for her. Cater to her. Give her the much needed space she so deserves and yearns for. Be her instrument, her glory. Let her breathe. Do something extraordinary today. Plant a tree, start recycling, conserve water, whatever your heart content and desire. Take care of her. Protect her. Respect her. Treat her kindly. She is your existence, your soul.

Happy Earth Day!

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Back To School It Is!


It is Monday, the sun is out, the birds are singing. I am ready.
Warm shower, teeth brushed, hair done. I am ready.
Uniform on, shoes check, socks on, looking cool. I am are ready.
Mirror checked, backpack on my back, lunch fixed. I am are ready.
Picture on Facebook, endearing, likes here, likes there, excited I chuckle, anxious I feel, adrenaline streaming, hiccups, love, amore, mom is driving, out of the door I am.
First day of school it is, buses, traffic, cars, traffic, crowds, traffic, mayhem… classroom, classmates, teachers, cafeteria, kiss kiss, muahhh. I am are ready.
I am are ready for one more year of academia, education, knowledge and tomorrow.
I am are ready for friendships, homework, play and growing up.
I am ready.
Yes, it is that time of the year again. So to school I go, to learn I am, all I aboard we are for the next ten months. Hooray!