Rekindling the fire in her heart, she searched for the mystical bridge taken in by the fog, hoping to catch the miracle wagon going by. Humid and drizzling, the journey was still raw. Images of a dejected melancholic carriage left stranded in a dark alley, featured on the quarterly review. Conversation abound, negotiations on hand, doctor’s office was put on notice. The clock was ticking at the tip of the hour, unhurridly, one pointer at the time and as the fog began to fade miserably, the flock silenced the clumsy nightfall rescued by a peppermint light bulb moment.

©️Angela Aguiar


A Joint and a Trip

I have been telling God that I wanted to be in a hotel room all by myself on the beach, close my eyes to the wind, lay flat on the bed like a piece of gum, without a care in the world, just laying there, like Mr potatohead, watching the rainbow go by, shooting at flies pissed at the rain.

I have, for ages, I promise but it seemed to die on thin air on the transatlantic railroad.

I asked and I asked the bellman, the concierge, the fruitloop dressed like a bodyguard at the corner store to give me a sign. I begged my soul keeper to decree a heaven’s gate, a place to drip the scrambled eggs on any given omelette as I fought the alligators on the prowl. I did but no answer.

Instead, I woke from the dream, feeling more like a contessa then a princess, in a hotel somewhere in the middle of the ocean, laying flat on a palm tree, legs dangling like a yoyo, on a full belly, my heart racing like a leopard, margarita on hand, vegetable cigarette on the other, drunken stupor from a lemon juice overdose. I don’t know who was driving this joint but it surely felt like a trip to me.

©️Angela Aguiar

Token Trivia


The Doctor said, if he could read my mind, it would tell stories. Stories of the centerfold masquerading as a crocheted tattoo inhibited only to the naked few with a magnifying glass. A broken jar in the middle of the highway. A bycicle sticking to a goat parading a mustache with an attitude.

I tried to zoom in but it was still far. I tried to hop on the electrical cable, go through the roof, jump down the fence and land firm on the neighbor’s patio table but I was still dancing. So, I made a hole on the paper peeked through it and was told a pigeon had flown in, snatched the paper on his beak and I was out of luck.

Yup, too much for this story. Token trivia sold at your local grocerie store; it was only in his head.

©️Angela Aguiar