Love At First Dream

Siena, Italy

I see you.
I know.
Can you see me?
Yes, I can.
Can you tell?
Your eyes are telling.
How can you tell?
Are you visiting?
Yes, I am. Are you?
No, I am local.
I see you.
Yes, I know. I see you too.
Stop checking your phone!
(Just me, daydreaming in Siena, Italy. Yes, he was looking at me.) Love at first dream.


JLHPB, Words To Live By!

17554523_1354266214596063_51983188527812454_n copy

Joy is the walk, footsteps we take regardless of our circumstances.
Love is zest, the embrace of one another unconditionally without preconceived notion. Hope is a corridor of tomorrow.
Peace is be still and know that He is always with us.
Breathing is the moment we say Amen!

A Little Salt on The Soup


We all need a lift sometimes, a breather from the craziness of our everyday lives. We all need a lift from our breaking down moments to repair our souls and mend our broken hearts. We all need a lift from yesterday’s menu of unwritten stories to tomorrow’s pathway to our Amen. We all need a lift sometimes, a salt of encouragement and how it comes to be, which form, depends on how we receive and embrace it. Getting that lift in the end, is what counts. Embrace the miracles of life, one lift at a time.┬áLife!