Hello June!


June is love. Excitement. Joy. Happiness. Inspiration.

It is a time to travel. For weddings. Family reunion and celebrations.

A time for the bride to happily smile in her divine gown, the groom to look handsome in his designer tuxedo jumping with joy on their way to altar.

It is June. It Knocks. Talks. Surrounds.

The flowers are looming, the bees hovering anxiously searching for that perfect pollen, the birds dancing in the air gathering to jam they latest tune, music is playing in every street corner, children cheerfully playing.

Hello, I am June. I am the beach. I am carnival. I am the park. I am an amusement park. I am a book. I am a game. I am the party. I am BBQ. I am the river. I am life. I am fun. I am blessed. I just stop by to say hello and remind you that summer is officially here. Hope it will be beautiful, awesome and blessed. Hope you enjoy it.



A Metrosexual In The Making?!

dsc02758No, just a kid being kid!

Hahn, that is not his real name, is my mani/pedi’s cute and adorable youngest son.  He is 4 1/2 years old and a oops baby.

Talk about a locomotive. The minute he walked in, he was none stop, talking his heart out, going up and down, running around the shop like a nut but always very polite and never rowdy.

dsc02759He took to me engaging in a very interesting conversation for which unfortunately, I needed an interpreter. Although, he was born here, he mostly understands and speaks Vietnamese.

The showstopper came later when he quietly sat on his mother’s lap and allowed his aunt to paint his toe nails. How sexy!

Morning Glory


20140428_094731Truth be told, it is not everyday I am jogging around my quiet neighborhood and spot two people fighting. Really it is not but truth also be told, it is no longer a cliché to come across two people fighting at any given day while walking down any street. It isn’t. It is the nature of the beast, it is the new reality, it is the new normal, what society has come to. So, it came as surprising to me when I came across these two gentlemen, not fighting but “fighting” as in boxing, exercising this morning. It does not matter where and how you do it but working out is the key, it does a body good. One businessman walking, a professional fighter by night, a trainer by day. A day in a life of a trainer and his student. Happy Monday!