Shoping Palooza

IMG_9617The ladies came to shop and shop they did. Although, the rain kept some away but the few that showed up, went in a shopping palooza. It was a lot of fun. The food and drinks were also great.

IMG_9619Selection, selection, selection…

IMG_9615Can’t complaint about the turned. It was great!


Boston Marathon Explosion


Photograph: Boston Globe/Boston Globe via Getty Image

What has the world come to? It is disappointing that one is no longer safe to enjoy even the mundane of things, like watching a few athletes reaching their goals, a marathon. You work hard, prepare for so long and when you are expected to achieve that glory, there you have a knucklehead with a different idea. My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of Boston Marathon and their families. Be safe everyone. Enjoy and live life!


Photograph: Boston Globe/Boston Globe via Getty Image