Pre Blue Moon 2015

Well, this is the closest I will get to the blue moon 2015.  It is raining in my heck of the hoods.  The sky has been kidnaped by mother nature with no possibility of parole and the probability of seeing it, is slim to none.  Zilt.  Unless, the Man Up there intervenes and does His thing, miracle, we are bound to watch on TV or read about it on a news magazine near you .  But in the meantime, here is last night’s moon. Isn’t she gorgeous? I don’t know, I am just addicted to looking up to the sky. Who knows, one of these days, it might end up telling me awesome stories and I sharing them with you.



Pic of the Day: Strolling Miss Daisy

20150719_104410I found her last Sunday on my way to church, around the neighborhood, three streets over. She seemed to know where she was heading but all points bulletin signaled a lost pet or possibly a confused native to the lake that surrounds us. She did not strike me as bothered by the inquisitive strangers. She just wanted to walk, hurriedly, at  a snail pace rush. Caring she didn’t, marching she was unpretentiously.

Don’t know where she was going or coming from but she was strolling ahead, full throttle, zigzagging, quivering only to the onlookers while disregarding our prying eyes with amusement. I am sure she would have stepped over us if need be but instead, we let her majesty go by while still stalking her.

20150719_104520 (1)

20150719_104459 (1)

I took enough pictures to remember her by and left Miss Daisy, I just gave her a name, with the ladies.  I hope she found home wherever it is.  – The End –


Taken Last Night Just Outside of My Door


The sunset just as the sunrise tickles me. I find it pure, dramatic, mystical and artistic. As the sun begins to sail, it let’s my mind wonder, calling out the morning light, embracing the singing colors on the horizon, the sweet taste of blackberries. It let’s my mind be creative as I sketch the picture perfect moon. Listening to the song of the crickets on the hills, I relish; dancing to the sound of the wind blowing, I close my eyes and let down my hair inhaling the air, daydreaming, I fantasy. I fantasy with here and there, now and tomorrow, what will and what is, the abstruseness of the innocence. I do. I fantasy, fancying that misty smile and an exterior louder then my voice, the tired and sweaty sunsets, caressing innocent children frolicking in the night while smiling at the moon. Yes, it is summer after all when the sunset is charming and the moon is a spitting distance away.