The River Runs Through It


Lyon, France

Could not asked for better sky while cruising rivers, Saone and Rhone in Lyon, France. Rumor has it aka, it is true, the Rhone river really runs through Lyon dividing the city into two converging later with Saone river forming a peninsula. It was interesting to witness it. Funny, soon you can’t tell which river is which.


My Gondola Guide


Venice, Italy

When you are readying to get into that gondola ride you anxiously been waiting for all of your life and your eyes are not on the vehicle or the water but on the tour guide. Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world but at that point, something else was bringing some music to my romance and had me at hello. Yes, never thought a man in stripes would bring me repouse but cause me distress, could not pass out on the drooling, salivating man machine with butter right in front me. Say Amen to Jesus!