Just Sunday’s Talk!

Gratitude is a journey. It is a road some choose to travel and dance to it. I am a firm believer that one should always be in constant state of gratitude even in the face of difficulty. It is a fight I know but nothing like putting on your best smile and walk those streets. It invites and irradiates joy. It is a given, those days are here for a reason. Perhaps to cleanse your soul. Awake and make you more aware of what surrounds you. Live your life’s purpose. Put you in the path you were supposed to be.

It is during those difficult times when you learn to persevere, tolerate and be tolerant of life and anything other than what is thrown at you, understanding, love of and for others, trust you and others, confident, optimistic about yourself and life in general. Clear your heart. Appreciative of strangers who come knocking, crosses and will cross your path from every front, people you ever thought to meet lest again dine with, those who teaches and blesses you and vice versa.

Gratitude, the journey, molds you to become you, a reflection of who He intended you to be. Grateful for everything you receive in your life, appreciative of the earth you breathe and walk on, what HE has given and provided you with. Love. Faith. Hope. Ray of light. You are. A beautiful and blessed week to you. Cheers!

Winking Back at Yeah

Innocent as the bird man could have made her. Raw about life as raw existed. Clueless as the lessons learned along the way. Fresh out of water as the fish who couldn’t swim. Living her best life, rocking a dope smile, iconic box braids, glitter melanin, looking cool, skinny as twig, ready to hit the world. This girl who barely said hi, had no idea what layed ahead, what life’s roadmap looked like, how it would wink back at her. Flying like an eagle she would, smiling always, on her way to her life’s journey tomorrow, she is.

© Angela Aguiar


A voice is silenced. A trailblazer. An hero. She served with dignity and resilience. To say that I am crushed is understatement. I have few idols in my life besides the women in my life but she was one of for me. Rest in power sweet soul. Thank you for your service and strength. May the good Lord and angels be with you!