Christmas Season, Week One

Christmas season is a time for joy, a time to give, a time for share, a time to rejoice and be merry, a time to service. It is one of the busiest and more enjoyable time for me as I am everywhere volunteering, serving and spending time with those who need, the less fortunate. It is festive, joyful. The tree decorating and lighting, shopping craze, giving and exchanging… I never get tired of it. This year hasn’t been any different. It has been all about luncheons, dinners, breakfasts, food, drinks, caroling, music, games, presents and more. It has been fun, spiritual and fulfilling. I could not have scripted it better.

NEW HORIZONS, December 9

A church ministry for the elderly. They get together once a month just to mingle, socialize and have fun. This was their Christmas soiree, we were there to make sure everything run perfect and jolly for them.








non-profit living facility with more then 200 wonderful people stuck in the middle of the city. The room was empty when we arrived but slowly they began to pour in, some had to be wheeled up, others in the wheelchairs, walkers and others on their own two feet. We were after all in a retirement home. They were happy and appreciated us being there with some joining us by singing and clapping. It was fun atmosphere and I look forward to the next year.



20141213_150005 (1)


We made our annual pilgrimage to serenade the homeless in downtown Miami. We have emancipated from singing on the street under a bridge to the new Camillus House building, a Christian organization that provides hospitality and respect for life through direct services of food, clothing and shelter to the needy. Personally, I was looking forward to this occasion as it was my first time in the building since it was inaugurated three years ago. I always look forward to this day. Love it!







Let’s Do It Again In 330 Days

Say isn’t so, it is official, the holidays are over! Since, this is a leap year and there are 366 days, and considering that most of us put our trees up right after Thanksgiving, see you approximately in 330 days.

Putting christmas decorations is a walk in the park, taking them down is another matter. Just ask some of my neighbors, christmas lights and wreaths are still up but in some corners, they are finally coming down.

Personally, I need therapy. I don’t seem to let go of mine as they have become works of art, the emblem of laziness in every corner of my house. Taking my time off course, that’s better – my consolation prize. Hopefully, I will be done by week’s end.

In the neighborhood, some Christmas trees have found their own demise.

Abandoned by the time machine.

Dumped like trash. Oops, they are trash!

Finding beautiful corners to rest!

Sniff, sniff, do I miss it at all?! Off course, I do! I miss the hoopla, the commercials, the craziness at the malls, the traffic, the sales, the lines, the fights. I miss the feel in the air, the decor, the songs, the bright lights. I miss the awesome, beautiful, funny cards and gift papers. I miss, miss, miss… everything and nothing!

Yes, I don’t miss anything other than the gifts I did not receive or the ones I did not give, the parties I attended or the ones I did not attend, the gatherings I was invited to and the ones I was not invited to, the calls I received and the ones I did not receive, the postings on Facebook, on Twitter or the emails wishing me a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year; ooff, I am tired!

Yeah, I am done, until the next fiesta in the calendar which is Amore. I should have saved all my red napkins from the office Christmas party, they could have come handy. Hope Santa Claus, oops, my significant other will be good to me. Gee, somehow I smell Victoria Secret and roses, which color it doesn’t matter and an awesome card. I will see you the day after Thanksgiving when corporate offices and gusto will remind us again that it is time for the madness to begin all over again.