A New Day in Egypt!!!

History in the making. Mubarack Leaves Egypt. After 18 days of unrest and protest, the people of Egypt have spoken and prevailed. After 30 years of dictatorship Hosni Mubarack has stepped down as President handing power to the military, the higher counsel. Millions of people in the Tahir Square erupted in euphoria, joy and jubilation dancing in the streets. Wished many would have the audacity to the same across many dictatorial states across the world. That goes to say that people united will never be defeated. Congratulations!!! The world youngest democracy has been born. What is next, will it last?!

Congrats Mr. Pres.!

Just as the conservatives were rejoicing last week for Obama’s failure to bring the gold home to Chicago, this morning they were awoken to a bad case of indigestion bigger that anything Metamucil could cure.

Surprise, surprise! Knock, knock, who is there?

The news arrived like a freight train, brought down like a pile of newspapers stunning everyone, including the recipient himself. No one expected this, as we didn’t know he was even nominated. I guess we were so caught up on the moment back in January that we did not even hear a thing. Some rejoiced and others were infuriated, as expected – what have you done for me lately? – leaving the pundits to scratch their heads and ask why. “How could they, what were they thinking? Never mind, they are the left leaning Europeans”, some utter as payment relief.

People chill. You should be cheering for your president, be proud, shout Alleluia, Hail Mary, have a parade in your town’s main street and…, huh, not!

It is only an award but a distinguish and deserving one, right; ok!

It is always noble to win a prize in particular, the Nobel Peace Prize. How many of us can even say that we have won an award. I won countless Employee of the Month awards after immeasurable hours at the office, if that counts and I am still not rich. So, I know the way it feels; it really made my day when they called my name and I walked passed through my colleagues to receive it.

I happen to like the dude, and as exciting and enthusiastic as the news is, let’s face it; he has not yet done any notable “thing” worthy of the reward but made the mistake of not parading the “cowboy mentality” and utter what his predecessor was not able to, the possibility of “peace”; the renewal of America’s leadership in the world. Although, some may disagree with the committee’s decision, he has brought the world together; at least for now and for those who shout that he is managing two wars, soldiers are dying, the economy is in shamble, don’t forget that he has inherited a disease in need of some heavy dosage of Pepto-Bismol. So, relax, take a chill pill and wish Bo Obama a Happy Birthday.