Rain, Rain It Did


This is what happens when you live in South Florida and mother nature has a different idea then yours.

I was looking forward to have a beautiful time and enjoy the many visitors that would come by the booth. I was pumped, my gear ready, all the tools brushed up but it was not to be and there wasn’t anything anyone could do but let the nature do its thing.

We were ready to go when she decided to play tricks on us.

It began pouring in an instance without the possibility of parole, excuse me, laying off. We not only had to take everything down but also move quickly, since we were located near the sewer drainage and the water was coming up fast. We got flooded, as matter of fact it happened literarily everywhere in South Florida, my feet and my shoes begged the water for mercy and my nose was like “sniffle I will” but it did not matter. It just kept raining and raining, and raining all day until the evening. The good thing is that it was not a total washout, something great came out of it: new friendships and it just made my day.


And The Way It Was…

943068_10151478326873705_633387063_nMy artistic side was in display last weekend among many other artists. Yes, they are all painted on white fabric, the medium I use.

IMG_9713Hand painted decorative pillows on white fabric and adorned with silk.

943583_10151478334453705_1086349974_n942491_10151478329588705_475547900_nI love it when my work peeks anyone’s interest. It is a mix of paint, embroidery, fabric.. it is not quilt but tapestries.

942642_10151478332913705_1786755172_nThey wanted to know if it was hand painted or I used something else because of the precise lines. It takes practice. Practice, practice, practice…

Other Artists