The Tenants


Assisi, Italy

The tenants wearing atypical uniform were suspicious, fixated on their core of allegiances while diligently sifting  through with uncluttered eyes. The perfect warrior sheltered its territory like a vulture but in the middle of the afternoon, night quickly gave way to day. Dark skies mystically, opened delivering a gaudy tale that the moviegoer on its way to the hottest movie in town, backtracked and grinned at the elevator door.

The Woman Behind The Beaded Scarf


Assisi, Italy

I was intrigued by the woman behind the beaded scarf. The frail petite soul, stylish sweet-smelling body who walked by me. There laid an enigma of a perturbed individual who appeared lost and yet charmingly attentive. Her hands manicured. Her eyes restful, pure. Her face up and down sizing me. We made eye contact as she stepped away momentarily to a little corner to try a vintage 1020’s inspired hat. Her scarf removed, quietly revealing this wrinkless beautiful, virginal being. I wish I could have asked her a question or two; perhaps, she was the owner, a tourist or an employee, I don’t know but just as she came, she went, slipping away in the crowed afternoon.