St Petersburg, Florida

Yes, the sky was this blue, the sand this white and the clear blue water, pristine. You would dive and swim like a mermaid, run free like a crab, fly over like a bird, breathe fresh air endlessly, immerse yourself into the abyss of serenity, the endless frisky breeze and the effervescent sound of the wind. Sunglasses on, you would lay on the ornate groovy beach towel, smile and temporarily forget that nothing else mattered. Just amazing and complete utter stillness of the zen type. St Petersburg, the west coast of Florida.


Love Is In The Air


And now, I pronounce you, husband and wife. I hope she said yes and they will live forever ever after like Cinderella in a beautiful castle. Oh heck no, been around this joint for a while now to know it is work in progress. You give some, you take some, unhurriedly, like a poker game exchange program. Don’t know who they are but wish them mucho happiness in the world. Things you see while on the beach.

The Tourist


Photo by Joao Melo Serreno

On verse one of the fully developed paragraph, beating at drums of my heated plush traits, I rebelled on my puberty becoming this new guided missile pole. In my adult life, I became him, the perfect persona, the crowd pleaser, the begged for mercy kind of gentile creature, the dazzled narrative latched in a page everyone desired.

He told me I was a bug, the fruit pie microbe mutating into a biscuit but I came to be pure as an ice water in a cooler.