Pic Of The Day, Margaret


Once upon a time, there was Margaret who turns 98 today. Yes, you heard me right, she is ninety eight years old and although, she walks a little slow, she is always present at church activities for the elderly. I asked her if se would mind I take her picture, she whispered something to me and posed.

It got me thinking, when you think 98, what comes to mind? How have we evolved?

TV – Back in the days, if you missed a show on TV, mind you back and white, that was it. You would have to wait a few months or even years before you could see Zorro or Sound of Music again.

Today, you have YouTube, yes YouTube and it is just like color TV but on the Internet over your computer. “Internet? Can you please stop joking”. Funny, you can take it anywhere you go. They are “attached” to you on this little tiny square gadget you call, smartphone or tablets. Why they even call it smart, I don’t know but I guess it is because it talks right back at you. Yup, you ask it to take you to the moon and it does just exactly that.

Newspaper – Oh how I loved reading the newspaper. I had my own paper route going from door to door, meeting and greeting the neighbors and making new friends but others preferred to grab it at our local neighborhood store where folks would gather for some cigarette and whiskey.

Today, it is all about the click. Click here, click there, click out there and boom, you have it, papers from all over the world at your disposal.

Call or Telegram – If you want to make a call or send a telegram, the operator was there for you. Ask and you shall receive, where would you like me to place the call to or send your message to, madam?

Well, today we have creme de la creme, the master of it all, Mr Skype. Click, click and I can see you with your bad hair and outfit included. I mean, talk about “someone watching you right now” moment.

Mail – If you wanted to communicate with a friend or family member on another state or country, you had to write a letter or postcard that would sometimes take up to three weeks to arrive at its destination.

Today, you have email. Log in, enter, type and click to send. “Hey John, have you received yet?” “Yes!” Done just like that. I mean you can even conduct business without leaving your home.

“Have you heard it?” “What?! Can you please stop talking. I want to listen to music, can you please pass me the radio?” “Radio or the walkman?” “Wait, do you mean, iPod?” “Huh? iWhat?” “iPod, it plays your digitalized music.” “Can someone, please explain to me what digitalized music?” “Can you please grab my car keys on the table? I got to go put some gas.” “Grandma, you need to put gas in your car. It is electrical”. “Oh no, my utility bills.”

Age is nothing but a number so they say and Margaret has just proven us that. Ninety eight is a journey, four generations, three hundred thousand springs, three million hours, minutes and seconds, a long life of stories. I wish I had time to sit with you and hear all about it but for now, Happy Birthday. Have a beautiful and blessed day!


Its Our Anniversay

bithday novo

Got this announcement from WordPress today. I almost forgot but Happy Anniversary to us!

I didn’t know where and how long this adventure would take me but here we are, six years later.  It has been fun and challenging with minor headaches every now and then but most of the time, fulfilling.

Yes, I am happy to fly with you alright, WordPress.

Thank you for stoping by friends and please, visit us often.


Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela!

971356_689996961026632_289724379_nThe United Nations has proclaimed today, his 95th birthday, Nelson Mandela’s day. I know, there will be tons of tributes, speeches, accolades and trombones, marches and volunteer work… I have read it all today, seen many pictures floating but many are lacking and forgetting one of, if not the most important factor of all, forgive me, his resolve. Yes, resolve.

A friend of mine posted a video o President Obama’s speech at the University of Cape Town and he asked his daughter on the post, to pay attention to 12:15 – 12:23 minutes. It caught my attention; so, I did but I wonder how many did.

I paid attention to one particular sentence in the middle of the little speech minute section, “You showed us how bitter adversaries can reconcile…”. Yes, bitterness, adversaries, reconciliation, pardon…

How many of us can say that we have the resolve, are tenacious enough, set aside all of our differences and take one for the team regardless how it cuts to your core value and soul, and unite the team? I mean, how many of us have forgiveness as a word on speed dial?

Yes, it takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a village of emotions to let go of our bitterness and embrace our enemy or adversary, those who have wronged us but not all of us can. Some can but most can even forgive what was said to us a few seconds ago lest 27 years and in prison.

It cuts to the core of a bucket of shuffled emotions; it takes a special kind of person, a person with a resolve, a bigger man. Mandela was that person, a bigger man. There are a few of them out there you know and you hear theirs stories every-now-and-then but no one like Mandela. He was the head master in charge.

So today while giving your propos, writing your tributes to Mr. Mandela, take time and do what he did, forgive those who have wronged you in any way. Be that bigger person and exercise your resolve. Trust me, it only takes one hand.

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela!