One Cold Sunday

Carcavelos beach. Lisbon. 🇵🇹

Heaven, is like lounging on a soft towel, listening to the waves as it empties on the beach, inundated by a sea of rock starts like surfers, immersing yourself on the art brazing the wall and letting go, losing your spirit in the breeze that was one cold Sunday afternoon. And just how the script read.


Hello Life Adventures


Call out the morning light, embrace the singing colors on the horizon, the sweet taste of blackberries. Listen to the song of the crickets on the hills, and dance to the sound of the wind blowing. Yes, summer is in full swing after all. Let the tired and sweaty nights caress the innocence of the children frolicking in the night while smiling at the moon and enjoy the ride. 


And that’s how we roll. Summer in Lisbon, Portugal. Love the concept of sitting on the stairs while dining.


Bom almoço

20130901_170127Cascais – Lisbon, Portugal

Really, What Is Love?


I was visiting Cascais, a posh city in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal, enjoying the scenery when I came in contact this couple. I loved their chemistry; one could see that they are very much in love from afar. I even shared that with them but what stunned me the most was her daring attitude towards… the cliff. I guess love is full or it makes you do foolish things or one just goes nuts over the uncontrollable feelings that make your heart melt and you jumping for joy, over the moon?! This is the only explanation I could come with for her standing there without a care in the world?!


It reminded me of Romeo and Juliet. I mean, while he was quietly sitting on the brick wall, she was calmly standing in front of him this close to a precipice; yes a precipice. One little miscalculation one wrong step and she would have been yesterday’s news. But she didn’t care. She was oblivious to it all. She kept going, doing what lovebirds do, cuddling like there was no tomorrow and I snapping pictures. Too bad I did not ask for their emails. I am pretty sure they would have been happy with these.


So that got me thinking, about love. Yes, love!

What is Love? Really, what is love?

Love is the food of our soul. The seed of our heart. The feeling that drives us to the object of our desires. It is affection, passion, excitement. It is light, joy, pain, suffering. It is heaven. It is peace.


Love is tranquility.

We are love. We are loved.

We are a slice of love, the open envelope of our destiny, the gateway to understanding and compassion for one another.


We are a diamond in the rough, the jewel of the sea, the beacon of the lighthouse that shines brightly through our everyday actions and struggles as we ride through the boulevards of life.

We are love. We are loved. We celebrate love every day, every moment.


Love is sound. Love is melody echoing deeply in our ears, radiating peaceful love tunes of harmony, fraternity and mutual understanding.

Love is unassuming and generous. Love is wisdom. Love is infinite. Love is fulfillment.

Love is love!