Cruising River Saone in Lyon, France


There are two contrasting architectural landscapes that confront us when cruising River Saone in Lyon, France, the modern and the antique. Today, we are just going to sit back, relax and enjoy the modern architecture emerging at the river bank; well, a few of the pictures. I am pretty sure it has changed some more since they were taken two years ago but as an architect buff, I love the building designs and an artist, I love the bright colors, I was at home either way.












Just A Test Swab


IMG_20150124_201827 A

A girl can only do one thing at a time. I try to spread my wings sometimes but every so often, I find myself on a multipurpose platform, trying to find my equilibrium. Yes, I can multitask but I am not extendable, I only have two hands after all, so I decided to do what works. So, for the past few weeks, I have locked myself in a cage and embraced my other passion, painting thus my intermittent absence from the blogosphere world lately. I am prepping for a show. And then you have this. No, it is not a paint or anything in particular but it could be. Perhaps, a handbag or whatever hit my brain later but for now, it is just me, in the testing mode. It is a test swab. Yes, I not only create my own fabrics but also the various colors use.