Christmas Chisme

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Now, that you are done with the nuttiness of Christmas. Decorating the tree with exquisite one of a kind ornaments. Breaking through the parking lot unscathed. Braving the torrential crowd to buy that perfect Christmas pajamas and showstopping designer New Year’s outfit. Exchanging that perfect regift by your Secret Santa. Baking every melting in your mouth goodies. Cooking the latest recipes on Pinterest. Eating all that food until your hearts content, aka pig out. Playing your favorite games. Telling stories so cool, your bird slept through it. Dancing your hearts content. Pigging out from your own hand’s mischievous dishes. Now that you had time to breathe, take it all in. Let the church say, Amen. The scale and little rosie credit card bill awaits you. Inhale then join the mad caravan. Notice the ten days reprieve, aka shop, right?! Take it from me. It is true because my bird said so. It told me, it heard the chisme (rumors) on the street corner after the internet went down and I bought it cheap, a nickel as a matter of fact, from this guy selling peanuts. Yes, peanuts. Happy New Year love. Stand by. Start saving. The plane is in the tarmac, taking off once again in 341 days. Back to your regularly scheduled program, take on that annoying co-worker. Booyah!

©️ Angela Aguiar

His Name is Jack Daniels


At the gym…
Austin:    So Bret, have you seen a therapist yet?
Bret:        No, I have an appointment later in the week.
Austin:    What’s his name again?
Bret:        His first name is Jack and his last name is Daniels.
Austin:    Oh ok, hope he helps.
Bret:        I heard he is good. Yeah, I am confident he will.
Joel:         Wait, who is that again?
Bret:        My therapist.
Joel:         You are seeing a therapist?
Bret:        ?&?!

April Fools It Isn’t!


I was searching for a good ole April Fool’s joke and for the love of me, I couldn’t find one. I scratched my brain hard, reaching deep down the barrel to no avail. Defeated, well temporarily, it went into a parable of early retirement, retiring my wings to a group of cynical naughty birds. It was then during the “arch of the triumph” rhapsody that it dawned on me that I have news to share. My dream has finally come true a few days ago. I got myself a puppy, a cute little muffin full of sponge. It is not my loverboy Chihuahua but it is a dog and I love him very much. Yes, mommy and poodle are doing just fine and hope to live happily ever after into the sunset of make believes. I hope you like her as much as I do as I look forward to scribble and share her many adventures here with you. Isn’t she adorable?!

Hey, would you layoff her please?! She is my friend Jenny’s dog, Mimi. Got it?!