Lobster, Potato and Veggie

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Don’t ask for the details, I don’t have it but I know it is food, lunch, lobster, potato, green leaves, cheese and whatever else was in there. It tasted sooooo good, I forgot the fibers. Yes, I did. My friend made it, aka chef of her castle, and that’s all the good ole doctor ordered.


Le Petit Pie

20140815_192141As the story goes, Jenny was always interested in beekeeping because as she puts it, “it is really good for the environment and I think bees are fascinating!” Well, who am I to argue with that?

IMG_9173The first Christmas she and boyfriend Ben spent together, he bought her an apiary (bee hive) and all the tools she would need to bee keep. Courageous. In my little world, I run to Timbuktu when I see a bee but there she was, taking care of the environment. 

IMG_9172By spring, she had it up and running, and the bees were producing tons of honey but by then, LePetipie and nothing of the kind even crossed her mind. She had just found a hobby and was not thinking about turning it into a business. She enjoyed and was having fun.

She decided to join the beekeeping club for knowledge and experience.

IMG_9171By summer of that year, she was using honey in everything that for her friend Shannon’s birthday picnic, she decided to make a pie.

Since it was a picnic, she thought a large pie would be hard to cut and share so, she made small pies in muffin tins, using her own honey to sweeten the crust and a concept was born. It was a hit. Her friends loved them. They thought the pies were cute.

IMG_9175Voila! Cuteness is always a prelude to something magnificent. Who better testers then your friends? They will always tell you the truth.

Her beekeeping club was having a festival for National Honey Bee Day so, she decided to bring out her pies to test the water and see what would happened… Drumroll please, touchdown. She sold out!

IMG_9174In the fall of last year, she started bringing the pies out to farmers markets and the rest is history.

You can find Jenny and Le Petit Pie in Winter Garden and Lake Eola, FL farmer’s markets but she will be taking a break soon, changing the scenery a bit by heading out to Denver, CO for the summer. If you around the area, check her out. Trust me, they are delicious and I am not even a pie connoisseur.

My Thanksgiving Note

Woke up this morning feeling blessed, grateful. Thankful for the Almighty, His grace, love and guidance, for straying me into His kingdom; my beautiful family for the abundant love and support, I am alive and smiling; my friends, what can say, you are a bunch and I am delighted to have you in my life, would not trade you or pick you in a line up in a million years. You are forever in my heart. For the earth, thank you for letting me breathe, yes thank you! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a gorgeous and blessed day!  — On Thanksgiving Day


IMG_6364Cutting celery for the stuffing



IMG_6371Another leave for the stuffing

IMG_6398The sauce

IMG_6384Seasoning the bird


IMG_6392Bird on the oven

IMG_6444Green beans

IMG_6445The Sauce

IMG_6461The bread

IMG_6459Sweet potato




IMG_6427Glased ham

IMG_6498Mash potato





IMG_6428Pie #1

IMG_6429Pie #2

IMG_6518Pie #3

20141127_172711Mr & Mrs Thanksgiving

20141127_172648A meal with love. Happy Thanksgiving!