The Art Atop The Mountain


I mean, if there is one thing I did not expect to find tucked a top of the Alpes in France, is a Buddhist center, Shedrub Choekhor Ling Monastere & Centre Bouddhistes Tibetains Mont Saleve but there it was, quietly and yet, magnetically providing us with one of the most amazing views of Geneva. You hardly see a soul, aka the residents, besides the regular tourists strolling by on their way to the peek, and stopping for a casual beverage and a culinary menu to die for and the employees but what caught my eyes the most, besides the calmness irradiating thorough, is the art surrounding the building; modern and yet effective. It is Art!


The Wooden House


The wooden house sat in the corner of Billsboro and Fallbroader streets in the Kingdom of Euboiro, up in the hill behind some oak trees, surrounded by nosy gossip du jour deliver neighbors, bordered by trees and calm ambience, humid weather and raggedy terrain, characteristic of the tropical climate. The houses were built ceiling to ceiling, on top of standing wooden poll sticks in such razor-thin proximity the neighbors could hear each other’s sneeze. Like many homes built in the area, miss Madeleine’s was of the same design, resembling a tree-house or a hanging stool to escape the frequent rain and ranging mud. 

Cruising River Saone in Lyon, France


There are two contrasting architectural landscapes that confront us when cruising River Saone in Lyon, France, the modern and the antique. Today, we are just going to sit back, relax and enjoy the modern architecture emerging at the river bank; well, a few of the pictures. I am pretty sure it has changed some more since they were taken two years ago but as an architect buff, I love the building designs and an artist, I love the bright colors, I was at home either way.