The Super Flower Blood Moon

Can’t believe I stayed up, looking out of my window, stepping outside sometimes, snapping photos for a whole four and plus hours, observing the great phenomenon that is an eclipse but I did. I spent all those hours camera and cell phone for videos in tow, going up and down the stairs, checking often for the latest change and how far the earth had moved.

In between, something espiritual happened. Creatures came by to pay their respects, frogs, insects, birds, one specific flying landing this close, staying long enough I was able to snap a picture or few, I have never seen it in my life and will have to do a little digging to learn more about it; traffic in and out the neighborhood; music playing in the middle of the night loud enough I could hear; neighbors calmly walking by, returning from their late jobs or an outing with their friends…. life otherwise going, on an evening when many were already sleeping, reading for the week.

There is something always gratifying, exhilarating, fun about witnessing a natural phenomenon. I just get a kick when I see mother nature in action. It brings me joy!


A Ring Around The Sun

10168088_10152088107191446_4412981224845752812_nIt certainly would have made the picture of the day but I had already picked one. Just about a year ago, I entered a post Mother Nature And Her Secrets and it was about a big ring around the sun which in layman terms should be described as halo around the sun. Well, it happened again and this time in Central Florida as you can see in the pictures provided to me by a friend. It is an interesting phenomenon to observe to say the least, captivating, indescribable. It just so happens that there is a scientific explanation for it which I learned today and it puts everything else into perspective. It is strange but nonetheless, beautiful. Go ahead, take a peek. Enjoy mother nature and all her glories!

The Quest For One Mint Blood Moon Picture

Taken with my cell

Taken with my cell

It is official, I need better lens or perhaps, a better camera. Any Padrinho (Godfather. In Portuguese culture, the person is not only responsible for the child’s religion education but also to shower the child with gifts at any occasion) out there?

Something happened on the way to the Blood Moon, seriously it did. Is it a fact that I woke up in the middle of the night, wee hours of the morning, to see the Blood Moon? Yes. Is it a fact that my Cannon Eos Rebel camera was not cooperating due to low light and distance? Yes. Is it a fact that I took some pictures that resemble flashy cascading red balls in the air then a moon with my Cannon EFS 55-220 range lens? Yes. Is it a fact that they resemble a locomotive in the air? Yes. Better yet,¬†uncoordinated lines. Oh, the life of an amateur photographer. Yes, it is never perfect. Hope, you enjoy these beautiful moon and it’s sidekick stars or something that resembles it, hence the white lines, pictures I so kindly took. Syke, I guess the joke was on me. It was red alright. Beautiful. Powerful. Phenomenal. Nature in motion!

IMG_3420 IMG_3419 IMG_3425IMG_3421 IMG_3427 IMG_3428 IMG_3430 IMG_3431 IMG_3437 IMG_3440 IMG_3445 IMG_3446 IMG_3447IMG_3429