Love At First Dream

Siena, Italy

I see you.
I know.
Can you see me?
Yes, I can.
Can you tell?
Your eyes are telling.
How can you tell?
Are you visiting?
Yes, I am. Are you?
No, I am local.
I see you.
Yes, I know. I see you too.
Stop checking your phone!
(Just me, daydreaming in Siena, Italy. Yes, he was looking at me.) Love at first dream.

©️Angela Aguiar

The Simple Life of Two Cows

IMG_9373 (1)

Gruyeres, Switzerland

Dude, have you seen the people?
Which people?
The people. Look up. The one’s walking by right in front of your nose.
Was I supposed to see the people? No, I don’t see any person. I am too busy eating.
Geez Louise, you and food.
And your problem is?!

Strolling by the Docas


Lisbon, Portugal

What is your excuse for not exercising? I know, it is painful, exhausting but think about the reward. You will always look good, better then a cheeseburger, cute and slimmer then Slim Jim Guy. I strolling by the Docas, Lisbon when I saw this gentleman going by. I thought it was a lot peddling on a hand bicycle but once I saw his leg muscles, it was on. No, I say hello to the gym sometimes but not as often as I would like to.