Autumn Is Here!


Perhaps, my favorite season, just for the mood swing of colors alone, birds migrating down south, pumpkin spice latte, thank you Starbucks I have my first one today, and lordly sunsets. Yes, let the kaleidoscope of colors begin. Autumn is here, welcome!

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The Orangey Leave


It was unadulterated autumn morning weather. The wind softly blustering the whimsical sound, orangey leaves dripping through the muscled stem, flowing calmly. The whole exercise routine could have made the 6:00 o’clock news but the warmhearted story didn’t hit the producer’s table on time for the evening show. It blistered through, piercing the falling dirty wind everywhere, marveling at the clear blue sky. It was a gorgeous day for sure and back to school day but no one noticed, they were coming back from their precious vacation and that’s just how the story ended. 

Hello September, Autumn Is Here


September is here and so is Autumn.
The start of equinox
the transition of summer flowers to the chills of winter blues.

When the temperature begin to dip and
the leaves twirl into a psychedelic dance of “I look prettier than you are” yellow, red, orange and brown hue
mutating into a marmalade of a perfect combustible pile of polychromatic mess.

When you grieve the fresh flower
your mood jerks into silent essence
the streets are dry
the baking of the bread in the air
wearing white is a crime.

When you are up high in the the mountains
squashing away your sorrows
the sound of Spring is yesterday news
the birds go astray
the sky is a canvas
the cloud a pencil.

Slave to an array of mesmerizing sunsets, the colors echo
the wind breezes roaring ivory tunes palatably in your hears.

Bring in the sweater, the jacket, the boots, the hat,
Autumn is here.
Run through the cornfields and
touch the beautiful changes clustered around the tree
break into a delicate gorgeous pirouette
and blow away the lonesome leaf.
Time for hot cocoa and warm tea, pumpkin and apple pie, sweet potato, chestnuts, and… yes, beautiful smiling faces!

© Angela Aguiar