A Friend is Quick To Listen

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The picture I have of women is undoubtedly what I learned from my Mother. She once told me that every smile of independence and rights in a woman’s face, was one less tear in her eyes. Today, I would rather just tell her that I finally got it. Smiles like these can take more than a day or a month. It takes a whole existence. The smile of two friends. A marriage of two beautiful souls. A candid, open, strong and nurturing friendship of love, respect and understanding.  A friend is quick to listen, slow to judge…


As The Story Goes…

Yes, I have not been posting in a while, there is a reason, nothing major, just some minor technical difficulties which I will soon share and promise to be my cheering self again.

In the meantime, it is the first day of July, did you notice it?! We are half way through 2013. Soon Christmas and its madness will be here, then New Nears and will be left to ask, where did time go? So, make it worthwhile. Take your time and use it wisely. Enjoy your family and friends, enjoy life and the moment, take command, embrace the truth. Smile and rejoice, say hello often, be a beacon to someone or something, be an instrument, be happy. Tomorrow is another day, keep going. Let’s start July in a positive note.

Peace and love always.