Assisi Style

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Assisi, Italy

When in Rome do what Romans do and when in Assisi, just take a picture of a roman medieval attire on display and pretend you would look nice on it.  Seriously, I have a function coming up this weekend, I could use it. Not!


Picture-Perfect Vogue Cover


Firenze, Italy

Lorena was this gorgeous Latina starlet from Chile. Jennifer Lopez she wasn’t but Rita Moreno, she came close to but wait, Rita Moreno is not blonde, neither is Jennifer and both ladies are Puerto Ricans. Ok, moving on. She was this picturesque, very tall – the perfect poster girl for a Vogue cover, body perfect, blonde, blue eyes, Barbie like elegant sassy starlet and any dreamer date heaven. Bruno, on the other hand, was an Italian stud muffin, black hair, brown eyes who reminded her of Paul Newman. Yes, Paul Newman but wait, he was blonde with blue eyes… never mind, carry on. In essence she was trying to tell us that in her eyes, he was a hunk and… 

That’s where the story ends. Lorena she wasn’t, Italian she is, model she wasn’t but could be, her name I don’t recall. I met her at a leather store in Florence, Italy where she worked and I was trying to buy a handbag. Her smile made all possible! 

The Woman Behind The Beaded Scarf


Assisi, Italy

I was intrigued by the woman behind the beaded scarf. The frail petite soul, stylish sweet-smelling body who walked by me. There laid an enigma of a perturbed individual who appeared lost and yet charmingly attentive. Her hands manicured. Her eyes restful, pure. Her face up and down sizing me. We made eye contact as she stepped away momentarily to a little corner to try a vintage 1020’s inspired hat. Her scarf removed, quietly revealing this wrinkless beautiful, virginal being. I wish I could have asked her a question or two; perhaps, she was the owner, a tourist or an employee, I don’t know but just as she came, she went, slipping away in the crowed afternoon.