A Friend is Quick To Listen

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The picture I have of women is undoubtedly what I learned from my Mother. She once told me that every smile of independence and rights in a woman’s face, was one less tear in her eyes. Today, I would rather just tell her that I finally got it. Smiles like these can take more than a day or a month. It takes a whole existence. The smile of two friends. A marriage of two beautiful souls. A candid, open, strong and nurturing friendship of love, respect and understanding.  A friend is quick to listen, slow to judge…

National Sibling Day


And because today is National Sibling Day, I am celebrating it with the one and only in my life, my sister. One beautiful, courageous, tough lollipop, who loves to brag that I am the youngest, I am not but riding the carrousel, I am. Whenever you hear a person saying, she is my everything, trust me they mean it; so I do, she is. She is that cookie I rely on come hell or high water, through thick and thin, and many hell Mary’s later. I just have to knock on that door for it to open j-u-s-t l-i-k-e that. 

Happy Day Siblings!

Happy National Poetry Day!

Today, we celebrate National Poetry Day. Hope you are sitting in a corner of your favorite room. On your favorite chair. At your desk at work or school break reading your favorite poem. At the library or bookstore picking up or downloading a great poetry book. Plan to make it a beautiful day, night, once you get home from whatever. Whatever your plans, make it awesome, enjoy it. Let it lose. Search for its meaning, its interpretation, the writer’s message. Hear its musical hymns. Don’t miss the point. Decode it. Don’t assume. Live it. Fill your tank up!

IMG_2398Humor Him!

He went to the supermarket yesterday
and he fastened his seatbelt.
He reached for his pocket, but it floated-
no token left!
Unable to count the coins, he was left
to bargain for the delights of the open market:
the exquisite strawberries
the ecstatic colors of the grapes
the aroma of an orange dazzling him
radiant and awesome dishes.
The fresh and gorgeous leaves
delicious aromatic drinks filling the handsome racks
all kinds of stunning meats
rich and varied seafood
elegant poultry parading the embellished shelves
just like a fashion show unveiling the latest craze-
the greatest foods of the summer-
the emporium was mannered, gay, sunny, enthusiastic, and vicious,
accessorizing the environment
like perfect music personifying the deserving mood.
He gratefully sampled the food
his taste buds salivating
envisioning his next dinner.
With the refrigerator uninhabited,
he abstained from his daily indulgences.
Parleying Français, the beautiful French bread
arrogantly smirked.
Breaking the news
the magazines harmonized.
The paper accessories crying out:
“Pick me, pick me,” sang.
Peeking vitamin conscious tofu food also
let its groove be known.
Seeing none of his tears lingering,
“No cash back?” they inquired,
packing the minute grocery
the elder smiled.
Longing for last-minute refuge
he hastily zipped through the store
envisioning the needful components
he exited with no pain at all, staring at the reality.

© 2007 Raining in May by Angela Aguiar