A Friend is Quick To Listen

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The picture I have of women is undoubtedly what I learned from my Mother. She once told me that every smile of independence and rights in a woman’s face, was one less tear in her eyes. Today, I would rather just tell her that I finally got it. Smiles like these can take more than a day or a month. It takes a whole existence. The smile of two friends. A marriage of two beautiful souls. A candid, open, strong and nurturing friendship of love, respect and understanding.  A friend is quick to listen, slow to judge…


National Sibling Day


And because today is National Sibling Day, I am celebrating it with the one and only in my life, my sister. One beautiful, courageous, tough lollipop, who loves to brag that I am the youngest, I am not but riding the carrousel, I am. Whenever you hear a person saying, she is my everything, trust me they mean it; so I do, she is. She is that cookie I rely on come hell or high water, through thick and thin, and many hell Mary’s later. I just have to knock on that door for it to open j-u-s-t l-i-k-e that. 

Happy Day Siblings!

Back To School It Is!


It is Monday, the sun is out, the birds are singing. I am ready.
Warm shower, teeth brushed, hair done. I am ready.
Uniform on, shoes check, socks on, looking cool. I am are ready.
Mirror checked, backpack on my back, lunch fixed. I am are ready.
Picture on Facebook, endearing, likes here, likes there, excited I chuckle, anxious I feel, adrenaline streaming, hiccups, love, amore, mom is driving, out of the door I am.
First day of school it is, buses, traffic, cars, traffic, crowds, traffic, mayhem… classroom, classmates, teachers, cafeteria, kiss kiss, muahhh. I am are ready.
I am are ready for one more year of academia, education, knowledge and tomorrow.
I am are ready for friendships, homework, play and growing up.
I am ready.
Yes, it is that time of the year again. So to school I go, to learn I am, all I aboard we are for the next ten months. Hooray!