Just Sunday’s Talk!

Gratitude is a journey. It is a road some choose to travel and dance to it. I am a firm believer that one should always be in constant state of gratitude even in the face of difficulty. It is a fight I know but nothing like putting on your best smile and walk those streets. It invites and irradiates joy. It is a given, those days are here for a reason. Perhaps to cleanse your soul. Awake and make you more aware of what surrounds you. Live your life’s purpose. Put you in the path you were supposed to be.

It is during those difficult times when you learn to persevere, tolerate and be tolerant of life and anything other than what is thrown at you, understanding, love of and for others, trust you and others, confident, optimistic about yourself and life in general. Clear your heart. Appreciative of strangers who come knocking, crosses and will cross your path from every front, people you ever thought to meet lest again dine with, those who teaches and blesses you and vice versa.

Gratitude, the journey, molds you to become you, a reflection of who He intended you to be. Grateful for everything you receive in your life, appreciative of the earth you breathe and walk on, what HE has given and provided you with. Love. Faith. Hope. Ray of light. You are. A beautiful and blessed week to you. Cheers!

The Day is Yours

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When trekking treacherous waters, only the best survive, the ones who master the courage to fight, take up a tambourine, hop on a vehicle and learn to navigate the shenanigans du jour.

No matter how difficult and entangled the forest gets, how the tree branches appear to weaken as one gets closer to the tip, the land appears to briskly flutter the roots beneath us, one must master the will and spunk to keep striding. One should never lose focus or get discouraged by the muffled crackling sound of dry leaves on the hurried cold night but continue to walk the infinite trail, read and understand each barrier as a springboard for the one jump, and the next jump and many jumps after, one may need to cross to the other side of the river.

Yesterday has come and gone. Done. Today is here. New day, bright, inviting, attractive, gorgeous written on paper. It looks promising, buoyant, transparent, full of unscripted plays and down right fearing but have faith. Get into the drivers seat and steer the wheel. Concatenate the best dictionary of experiences you possibly can and endlessly live it. Embrace it with humility and gratitude. Exist. Pause. Live it. As the day is yours… Breathe. Pause. Live it.

Two Ladies Down South

Yeah, surrounded by “two ladies” down South Miami, one by each side and wondering when we will ever be able to be this close again, trust anyone who gets this close to us.

I am hugger and kisser, I like to feel the warmth, closeness to souls, a touch and vice versa but it no longer applies. We have been drugged to a prision of sorts, put on trial for an undisclosed unheard elements, forced to live in this cocoon of a colorless bubble of sorts of tomorrow rivaled that only to whatever faith can prescribe. It is not for the faints of hearts but a charge of enormous will and strength. A testy apparatus to say the least.

I must admit however, I don’t know about you but staying home has given me a different perspective, time to reflect and make a dictionary of thoughts considering my quarantine has been unraveling itself long before anyone has ever heard of the word, quarantine. That’s right I know this video; it is engraved on my soul and  been played on my brain like a plague. Yup, just like that but one thing I know foe sure, I am still standing and so can you.

It is Friday and the weekend, a long one I may add and if given the opportunity to be outdoors, enjoy yourself, have fun but with caution. Remember, the beast is still out there lurking and ready to find its next prey. Smile always. Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend.