Two Ladies Down South

Yeah, surrounded by “two ladies” down South Miami, one by each side and wondering when we will ever be able to be this close again, trust anyone who gets this close to us.

I am hugger and kisser, I like to feel the warmth, closeness to souls, a touch and vice versa but it no longer applies. We have been drugged to a prision of sorts, put on trial for an undisclosed unheard elements, forced to live in this cocoon of a colorless bubble of sorts of tomorrow rivaled that only to whatever faith can prescribe. It is not for the faints of hearts but a charge of enormous will and strength. A testy apparatus to say the least.

I must admit however, I don’t know about you but staying home has given me a different perspective, time to reflect and make a dictionary of thoughts considering my quarantine has been unraveling itself long before anyone has ever heard of the word, quarantine. That’s right I know this video; it is engraved on my soul and  been played on my brain like a plague. Yup, just like that but one thing I know foe sure, I am still standing and so can you.

It is Friday and the weekend, a long one I may add and if given the opportunity to be outdoors, enjoy yourself, have fun but with caution. Remember, the beast is still out there lurking and ready to find its next prey. Smile always. Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend.

Happy New Year!


It is 2018 and as much as I would like to say I had a list and followed it to a tooth, the fact of the matter is, I don’t; I stopped making lists ages ago as I learned over the years and circumstances of du jour they are one bowl of potato soup. 

I decided to live in the moment, appreciate who I am and came to be, those and what the Almighty puts forth in my path, be always in constant state of gratitude to what life has to offer, it’s difficulties and high altitudes. Some may call it growing up and will say, I am still trying to catch up, and others may say, big deal and will say, life. Yes, I know, I rattle a few feathers sometimes, I am aware of my shenanigans, it is me and I apologise.

So, the New Year is upon us, aka 2018. No one knows what the pages of the book will look like and what it will have inscribed but HE and He is not telling. Numb as a bucket of ice but warm as hot cocoa. He just keeps silently doing His thing. 

I hope it will be better than the one before, full of joy, laughter and love. 

I hope you take time to dance everyday to the sound of the music, your heartbeat, the eco of your laughter, your feet on the ground, your neighbor’s obnoxious habits, your walk in the corridors of many buildings, your carnival of embraces and words, your family in the background, the voice of your child.

I hope you take time to listen to you and others, reward the passerby, strangers in your mist who may be your friend tomorrow and say thank you to whatever. 

I hope you love and share your wisdom with others, teachable moments that may come to be masterpieces. 

I hope you always smile, encourage many, say Amen, Alleluia, I am here and I am human. I exist. Thank you God for my everyday, today and tomorrow. Thank you Family. Thank you friends. Thank you friend family. Let’s ride this joint to wherever the 365 days will take us. 

Many blessings to you and your family. 

Happy New Year!

A Passing Sentence

When the world seems lonely out there and you just want to curl up under a sheet and let time go, to realizing it caught wind of a passerby and stalled. Nothing happens by accident. All have a purpose. One may not know today but in due time it will be self explanatory, a blur, a passing sentence on a embellished article. A story within a story of an interesting journey.

©️Angela Aguiar