Fishing Made Simple


A time to unwind. A time relax. A time for family. A time to zen. A time for friends. A time to live. A time to come alive. A time to party. A time to sleep. A time to be merry. A time for leisure. A time for joy. A time for your Amen. Happiness is contagious!  


Hello Saturday


If there was ever such thing as heaven, this comes close. Breathe…
Come alive. Live. Close your eyes and let be. Unwind. Travel.
Let yourself be transported. Your mind journey. Your soul free. Inhale.
Gaze at tomorrow. Dream. Still. Chill. Praise. Celebrate.
Say hello to today. Tomorrow. Whatever. Just be.
Thank you João Melo Sereno. Thank you for this amazing illustrious photo. It just made my Saturday.

In The Mood To Just Laugh


Baden, Switzerland

Laugh about today and tomorrow, about what has been,
Laugh about being grateful, blessed and desirable

Just laugh!

Laugh about everyday dreams, my imagination, my gives,
The pingpong ball and the train
Laugh about my creativity, my daily dances and my travels
The zigzags of life, great minds, close doors and the semicolons
Laugh about the thunderstorms and the moon, the sky and the blues, the sun and the magic
The scene on TV

Just laugh!

Laugh about forgiveness and love
The truth and the absurd, the bizarre and the groovy
Laugh about the corridor and the open door, the newspaper and its anecdotes,
The comedian and his jokes
Laugh about the plane and the bird, the earthquake and the fire
The vegetable and the supermarket
The tree and the carrousel
The dress and the shoes

Just laugh!

About the smile and the diner
The sadness and the equilibrium
The meal and the zeal
The pen and the cloud
The wine and the vine
The beer and the fever
The flu and the flute
The paper and the piper
Boots on the ground

Just laugh!

Laugh with me
Find something to laugh about and just laugh
Laugh, laugh, laugh until there is no tomorrow and your head aches
Laugh until your stomach stays afloat and you can’t breathe
Laugh until your life’s content and you are inebriated
Laugh and laugh euphorically and then pause,
Yes pause
Say Amen
Thank you

I am alive because I laugh!

© Angela Aguiar