Hello March


Soon, Spring will be here. With the dawn, a new day blossoms like a colorful and fragrant flower, brightening life and impromptu circumstances. This is what brings us today, what empowers us to be, the rebirth of hopes, strength and courage to fulfill what life brings us and the universe offers us to dream.

Love, Mom!


London, England

My little nugget, my flower, the fudge to my ice cream. It has been a long road, an extremely difficult week but you have always been a blessing, carrying yourself through the daily hurdles with so much joy. The character and amount of love in your heart made you a stronger person than yesterday. The fortitudes that carried through are visible in your soul. There are no words to describe the immense love I have for you everyday. May you find some sunshine and may the angels up in the bluest sky smile down on you.

Love, mom.