A Passing Sentence

When the world seems lonely out there and you just want to curl up under a sheet and let time go, to realizing it caught wind of a passerby and stalled. Nothing happens by accident. All have a purpose. One may not know today but in due time it will be self explanatory, a blur, a passing sentence on a embellished article. A story within a story of an interesting journey.

©️Angela Aguiar



Questions floated like a perverted leave
mushing through the room looking for a place to land but
like a force of a raging bull
the wind came
knocking the plot down like a butcher man.
The truth wavered,
caressing the walls of the tittle-tale.
No one knows the literal storyline,
a sudden downpour brought it down flat
before it could say,


Beautiful Simple Herbs


Photo by Joao Melo Serreno

It was a beautiful springy day without the spring. It was actually winter but being in the south, the breeze made it perfect. The salad was prepared with an array of crispy beautiful simple herbs with greens, long stems, cilantro leaves, lettuce, pepper, tossed watercress, onion, peeled diced cucumber, orange segments, grinded halts of palm and juicy sliced tomatoes dribbled with olive oil.