Life In A Nutshell

“Nobody exists for a reason. No one belongs to a particular place. We all are going to die anyway. So, come in. Have a beer.”

I will say, is it happy hour yet? There was only one thing wrong with this but it is so minimal, it becomes irrelevant. Words to live by. Life!


My Hair In The Chopping Block


The room was suddenly quiet, barely there, in completely stillness. There was a gaze in the air. It was thin, piercing, echoing the calmness before a huge storm. Coughing no one dare to flare. Crappy conversations were not heard. Gossip barred in the interim. Hairdryer blasting only heard in the next door. No water running. No empty field to fly to. There was just a vacuum in the corner and that’s all I saw. She waited for me to say something, a word perhaps but I wouldn’t. I was just there, staring, numb, livid, eyes red. No one dared to say a thing. No one dared to ask. No one dared not to be silent. Dejected, my soul left me momentarily, freezing for a split second in space.