Welcome Spring!

Spring 2017

It is going to be a good-looking calm day with no storms, no spins and no scurry but just a cool quiet breeze blowing from the west, aboard a tall sailing ship with propellers at full force coming to rest at dock. Hooray, Spring is here. Let the flowers, the bees, the birds, the insects, the aroma in the air run free.

Hello March


Soon, Spring will be here. With the dawn, a new day blossoms like a colorful and fragrant flower, brightening life and impromptu circumstances. This is what brings us today, what empowers us to be, the rebirth of hopes, strength and courage to fulfill what life brings us and the universe offers us to dream.

Mild Aroma, Woman

Friends Bible

My life is one constant motion for equality, survival, acceptance, candid curves.
I fight to exist, smile, laugh, to be heard. I am happy.
I fight to be able to put my pants on, comb my hair a certain way, a pierced ring on my nose and a lipstick of my choosing. I scream.
I fight so the person next door know that I am me. I am free.
I fight like a tiger.
I don’t need to have a rock star intelligence, sculpted body or wear high heel to be me.
I am beautiful, I am ugly. I am skinny, I am fat. I am short, I am tall. I am DD, I am A. I like blue, red, purple or green. I am every shade there is.
I am an emotional reck who sheds tears faster then the rain drop but a gracious gentle flower then the winding wave washing ashore.
I zigzag like a butterfly, I marvel life, I embody serenity but I don’t crack; I keep going.
I am a sexual tender, mild aroma in the bushes,
the charismatic being looking for to get drunk of laughter at the next friend’s corner bar.
I feel prettier then the rainbow because I like to breathe in the sun and irradiate the room.
I wake up at cracker dawn say my Amens and Thank You’s to the Man upstairs,
feed my herds sooner that I can drink my coffee and hit the next train to Georgia.
I am gorgeous. I love. I create. I educate. I dream. I give life.
I am a light. I beam. I venerate. I compete. I am ferocious.
I am authentic. I am complicated.
I am a leader and there isn’t a math equation I haven’t been able to solve.
I did’t go to school, I am scientist. I am not a doctor, I am a farmer. I am a teacher, I am a tattoo artist. I am an astronaut, I am pool dancer. I am not a mother, I am a sister, daughter, grandma, companion, lover, friend, wife, aunt, a soldier…
I am me. I am my own voice. I am a woman. I am girl. I am female. 

Happy International Women’s Day!