Rain, Rain It Did


This is what happens when you live in South Florida and mother nature has a different idea then yours.

I was looking forward to have a beautiful time and enjoy the many visitors that would come by the booth. I was pumped, my gear ready, all the tools brushed up but it was not to be and there wasn’t anything anyone could do but let the nature do its thing.

We were ready to go when she decided to play tricks on us.

It began pouring in an instance without the possibility of parole, excuse me, laying off. We not only had to take everything down but also move quickly, since we were located near the sewer drainage and the water was coming up fast. We got flooded, as matter of fact it happened literarily everywhere in South Florida, my feet and my shoes begged the water for mercy and my nose was like “sniffle I will” but it did not matter. It just kept raining and raining, and raining all day until the evening. The good thing is that it was not a total washout, something great came out of it: new friendships and it just made my day.

It`s A Bird, It`s A Plane….No! They Are Birds!

Imagine having to deal with this every afternoon during winter. It is called run to your car, run to the store, run to wherever you are going before you are hit by an “unidentified object” and the damage it brings. Yeah, at this time of the year, birds migrate south and make their home around our neighborhood. It is beautiful but annoying!

Our Art Deco Town Main Street

MainStreetIt is one cool place! Less than a mile long, the street is very cozy and harmonic and very colorful. Just don’t visit on Saturday nights as it becomes infested by teenagers of all shapes and sizes, on their weekly gratifying pilgrimage. They stand around on their little clicks, mingling  sometimes for hours, like aunts; conversing and catching up on the latest gossip.

Blocked to cars at night on weekends, in any given beautiful Saturday night, the street is graced by live music – rock and roll, folk, jazz, gospel – to anyone’s delight.

Sit around the water fountain and gaze at the people strolling on their way to the movies, the regional theater, the restaurants (Italian, Thai, Cuban, Mexican, Argentina cuisine and the usual suspects such as Rubby Tuesday, Tony Romas…and the occasional fast food), or do some shopping at the many boutiques (Victoria Secret is the major brand name; Jared jewelry and many others…).

And, oh yeah; nothing like living on the residences on the floor above the shopping precinct. I feel sorry for the folks who live there. It is one crazy place at night.