Happy New Year

If I had to summarize this decade, I would tell the universe I am still listening; the lessons are loud and clear. And I am still riding the bus; changes are good.

I began to live life as it was intended to be, designed by HIM. I learned I am genuinely happy individual, irregardless of the semicolons, strong, resilient, carring, a friend; chip away the negativity, distractions and embrace today. My faith is my bible. I do PRAY. I love to laugh and make others laugh. Tomorrow is never promised but it can be a party, a party of life and you are invited to live it to the fullest. Celebrate!

And as I embark into the new decade, I am thankful of tomorrow, ready, beaming of gratitude, excited of the dreams and jumping at what it will be.

May the new season, New Year, new decade be bright. May it bring you much joy, health, abundance, love and friendships, blessings. May you always laugh, sing, dance, pray if you embrace it, take joy and pride at every moment, and occasion, adventure. May you find your purpose and get jiggy with it. May your dreams come true, corny as it may sound. May it bring you PEACE and harmony. Feed your soul always, smile. Praise HIM. Live life with gusto. Believe!

Happy New Year. Feliz Ano Novo. Feliz Ano Nuevo. Bonne Annee. Hooray to 2020. An Awesome, Blessed Year and Decade to you, much Love! ❤🙏🏽🙏🏽😘✌🏼🎶😅😎💃


Out With The Old, In With The New!


Salave Mountain, Switzerland 

I was determined to wash away “the old”, just like we do back home, welcoming 2017 with open arms and parade of good will. It is an old practice to run to the beach on the first day of the year, rid off the old baggage and bring good omen in the new year.

Although, we were close to the beach, there were no takers. The enthusiasm by the crew, my peeps there is, wasn’t there. The water was to cold, they muttered as I was the only one with the crazy idea to jump in.  So, I did the best thing closest to it, the pool.

The water was cold, go figure, it is winter after all, 70 °F and approximately 21 °C. I could have waited a little for it to heat up but time wasn’t on my side. I was in the “now or ever” mood. I was thinking North Pole, counting all my toes and rethinking my strategy, if there was ever a good one; there wasn’t. I didn’t care. At this point only Mother Theresa could have talked me out of it if she even dared but would adventure out to calmly say to me, “go ahead my child.”

I was determined, so I decided to go in. I faced it, said my Hail Mary and jumped in. The water was as icy as I expected it. I shivered momentarily, my jaw tensed, my teeth chattered. There was the awful anxiety adrenalin filled sound, not long enough to sway a whale but bang-up enough for everyone to laugh off and why not? Perhaps, the Scandinavians would have chuckled but what is a gathering of friends without a laugh or two especially during the holidays?! 

As my body quickly adjusted to the temperature, the fear quickly gave way to calmness. I stayed long enough to hear my body saying “Amen!” and my brain telling me, “it is all good. You have done it. You can leave now!” It felt great. I did it!

It is a New Year. I plan to do many of the type as time and world permit. Conquer my fears. Plunge in with tooth and nails. Swim with caution. Stop being a slave to my trepidations. Yes, easier said then done but I am ready for the challenge. It is not a resolution but daily affirmations.